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TOP Vietnam Educational Program

The TOP (Tours Of Peace) Vietnam Veterans Education Program is the knowledge component of the organization. TOP endeavors to provide bridges between the needs & interests of Veterans, their families and the public, with information available to meet those needs & interests. Our purpose is to facilitate access to data & resources which help these groups reach understanding about:

  • The Vietnam War
  • Veteran experiences
  • Veteran & Family Issues
  • The impact of war on families & survivors
  • Available services for veterans
  • Vietnam today

Whether to heal emotional wounds, to augment an historical study or to teach the younger generation about America's longest war, TOP shares its' knowledge.

Who We Serve

1. Veterans and their families  
2. Surviving families of KIA's and MIA's
3. The public

How We Serve

Each year TOP responds to inquiries from those we serve. Although, we are often simply a conduit to the appropriate resource, TOP is itself capable of providing first hand information. Volunteers talk about their experiences of the war, the affects of the war on their lives, the impact of returning to Vietnam with TOP on a Tour Of Peace, and Vietnam today. We provide information to schools, community events and the media.

Occasionally, we allow Education Program participants on trips. These participants help facilitate the Education Program mission. Tours Of Peace Education Participants are fully active in all tour aspects. They use their experience as material for newspaper & magazine articles, books, photography, Internet audiences and award-winning television documentaries, related to TOP's Education Program goals, issues and topics.

TOP Education Program Fact Sheets:


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