Personal Effects Program / DOG-TAGS LIST

If any name listed in the TOP Vietnam Veterans Dog Tag list(Adobe PDF file) might be someone you know, please contact us with information necessary to verify and match the person you know with the information on the dog tag in our charge.

There are up to thirteen pieces of information on most of the dog tags. In addition to the soldier’s name, the information can include military ID#, social security number, blood type, religion, gas mask size, and branch of service.

Once we receive key identifying information from the veteran, or family, that matches the information on the dog tag, we make arrangements to return the item. The military ID# and/or social security number are most helpful, since these two items are unique to one person and unavailable to the public.

Some may feel uncomfortable revealing personal information, such as a Social Security number. We assure you that we only use the information received to verify whether or not it is a match, and for no other purposes. We value your privacy. Should you feel uncomfortable e-mailing personal information

We require veterans and families provide this proof to claim because: 1) Many soldiers had/have the same name; and, 2) there are those on the Internet who may falsely attempt to claim and receive one of our personal effects.

Therefore, for a tag to go to the right veteran or family, TOP Vietnam Veteran's has had to first receive matching information from the person making an inquiry, or claiming the tag. The matching information is the "claim check." You can find some of this information, i.e., Military Identification Number on the soldier's/veteran's DD214 form, provided to every veteran.

Some dog tags have been severely damaged, or rusted over time, and information can be difficult to read. Therefore, some data, or names may be incomplete, and sometimes incorrect because of our having to make a best guess as to what is on the tag. When information is undecipherable, we put question marks, "?", on our list and database.

We are hopeful for a match–we like nothing more than to return a tag home to the veteran or family it belongs to.